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Is Vahvistus.fi a recruitment platform?

Vahvistus.fi is not a recruitment platform but a service that lets you find experts who invoice their work monthly based on the number of hours worked. All agreements are made through Sysart.

Are the profiles on Vahvistus.fi employees of Sysart?

Originally, our idea was to offer Sysart employees the opportunity to tell us anonymously through the service what kind of projects they would like to do. We soon realised that this service could also benefit our partners. So our partners are also involved, and this partner network is constantly growing. In this way, customers looking for experts gain flexible access to a larger pool of experts.

How can experts join the Vahvistus.fi service?

The service accepts experts whose expertise is needed in software development projects. We require at least 5 years of work experience and the ability to invoice as a company. Further information and how to join

How does the pricing work?

Customers are invoiced once a month on the basis of the number of hours worked. Example of how pricing and Sysart's commission work for freelancers and partners: Sysart charges a 10 €/h commission on work performed. The hourly fee charged to the customer is 95 euros and the expert's hourly fee is 85 euros. The hourly fee is always negotiated on a case-by-case basis, so this example is only intended to be indicative. Prices do not include VAT.

Do you offer customer relationships to freelancers only if your own employees are not interested in the job or don’t have time in their schedules?

The Vahvistus services does not reveal to potential customers whether its recommended experts are its own employees or freelancers. The customer is put in touch directly with the recommended expert. We also search for experts on the Vahvistus service if the customer contacts Sysart directly but we are unable to offer a suitable expert from among our own employees who would be available. This creates a win-win situation in which both Sysart and freelancers can offer their expertise more widely than they could by themselves.
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